Asus Wavi Xtion motion controller goes on sale in China next month

The Xbox 360′s Kinect sensor was a big reason Microsoft reported such a strong first quarter this year. Its motion sensing kung fu proved to be a hit with living room gamers, chalking up more than 2.4 million sales in the first three months of 2011 alone.

But Microsoft doesn’t hold the key to the Kinect sensor — that belongs to a company calledPrimeSense, who specializes in natural user interfaces or natural interaction (NI), as they call it. PrimeSense was named one of the year’s most innovative companies by MIT and its motion sensing tech received a nod for being one of the world’s most important emerging technologies.

As far back as January, we knew Asus had struck a deal with PrimeSense to launch its own motion controller for Windows PCs called the Wavi Xtion. It’s now ready to hit retail shelves in China, with an initial shipment of 100,000 units set to go on sale next month for between $250-300.

That might seem a bit pricey when the Kinect can be purchased for about $150 — and it, too, hasofficial Windows drivers available. The Kinect, however, isn’t available in China as the government has banned the sale of gaming consoles like the Xbox 360 since 2000. The lack of competition was a key factor in Asus deciding to launch the Wavi Xtion in China first.

Asus has also formed a partnership with the Taiwan-based Industrial Technology Research Institute in order to develop NI apps and get other industry players interested in the technology. Asus also hopes the two companies can help develop an industry standard for motion control systems.

More at DigiTimes and Taipei Times

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