Samsung Bada OS to go open source in 2012?

That Samsung was a little nervous about Android after Google’s acquisition of Motorola Mobility is no secret. The company also made it clear that it had no interest in purchasing another mobile operating system from anyone else — not even webOS in the wake of all the HP firesale consumer interest.

And why would Samsung want to do that when it already has its own in-house offering: Bada OS. When Bada launched in November of 2010, it enjoyed the most successful worldwide debut since the original iPhone went on sale. Just last month, Samsung introduced the second major version of Bada on three new Wave handsets to very positive reviews — underscoring the fact that the company is backing its own horse in the alternative mobile OS race.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Samsung may have another trick up its sleeve to give Bada a boost: making the operating system open source. What the Journal posted is anything but a confirmation, however. It’s based on a tip from a “source close to the situation.”

The move could make sense, and it’s the kind of move that the high profile open source blog OStatic mused might be a good move for HTC to make. It’s probably an even better move for Samsung to make, since they already have their own OS to open source.

Doing so could help spark additional developer interest, and that’s a critical component of mobile OS success. With the iOS and Android app stores already teeming with quality apps and Windows Phone quickly catching up, Samsung could find the going tough if it can’t find a way to get outside developers to show Bada some love.

Open sourcing the OS could certainly help, but we’ll have to wait for someone in the company to confirm whether or not that’s in the cards.

More at the Wall Street Journal

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