HTC to offer 5GB free Dropbox storage with Android smartphones

HTC is clearly on the lookout for ways to add extra value and features to its Android smartphones. Only last month the mobile manufacturer took a controlling stake in Beats Electronics ensuring all future handsets have the option of superior Beats by Dr. Dre audio solutions.

Now HTC has found a way to compete with both Apple’s iCloud and Microsoft’s SkyDrive cloud storage services. A new partnership with Dropbox, a company focused entirely on cloud storage solutions, will see future HTC Android smartphones ship with access to a 5GB Dropbox account completely free of charge. At the moment, Dropbox only offers users 2GB of free storage.

The first smartphone to ship with the free storage looks likely to be the HTC Rhyme, and should then be available with all future handsets that ship with Android and Sense 3.5.

The beauty of tying up with Dropbox is that HTC doesn’t have to support a new cloud infrastructure as Dropbox is already set up to do that. For users, it means access to a lot of free storage for backups and entertainment that can be accessed on PCs, laptops, and tablets as well as your HTC smartphone. There’s also the ability to upgrade that storage to 50GB or 100GB at any time for a monthly/yearly subscription.

HTC is undecided on whether to offer the same 5GB of cloud storage with its Windows 7 smartphones. We suspect Microsoft may have something to say about that and could counter with a different offer to stop Dropbox supplanting SkyDrive on phones running its OS.

Read more at Pocket-lint

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