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Now You Can Share Your Google+ Circles With Others

Google has rolled out a new feature for Google+ that lets users share the circles they’ve curated with their friends.

“Starting today, you can actually share your favorite circles with others,” Google+ engineer Owen Prater said on Google+.
“So if you’ve got a great Photographers or Celebrities circle, for instance, then you can share a copy with your friends.”
A new “Share” link now appears when you hover over a circle on the Google+ Circles page. Clicking the link will let you add a comment and share that circle with your friends on Google+.
The search giant is careful to point out that this only shares the members of the circle you’re sharing and not what you’ve named the circle. That will always remain private.

The young social network is on the rise ever since it opened itself up to the public.
A recent report claims that Google+ now has 43 million users, an increase of 30% since dropping the invite barrier.
Another report pegs Google+ as the eight largest social network in the world, just behind MySpace and LinkedIn.


Facebook explains why it tracks you even when you’re logged out

Cookies have been a feature of the web for as long as I can remember. In many cases they are a useful feature to have as they remember your preferences and limit the amount of times you need to login to a service you have signed up for. But there is a dark side to cookie use in the form of themtracking where you go.

The advice to anyone concerned about tracking through cookies is to use a good cookie clean-up utility and log out of sites you believe to be tracking you around the web. But in the case ofFacebook it turns out that logging out of your account is not enough–Facebook continues to track you.

This is possible because when you log out of Facebook the associated cookies are not deleted off your machine. So, any site you visit that has a connection to Facebook e.g. the Like button that is now so common, will proceed to check if you have a Facebook cookie. If you do, it can pick up the information and know you’ve visited that site. Continue reading

Facebook has 800 million users, adding 50 million every two months

Yesterday’s f8 Facebook developer conference unveiled some interesting developments. Facebook’s getting a whole new profile layout called Timeline, and there’s also some pretty cool things happening with media integration. During Mark Zuckerberg’s keynote, the Facebook CEO happened to mention a little tidbit that we’ve been waiting to hear for the past few months.

Saturday Night Live’s Andy Sandberg started the f8 keynote by pretending to be  Zuckerberg. He spewed out a lot of false information, for comedy’s sake, but one thing he did say, that is actually true, is that Facebook now has 800 million active users. Though Zuck didn’t actually confirm this during his keynote speech, a Facebook spokesperson did confirm the number with ZDNet. It was only back in June, we reported that Facebook had over 750 million users.

As we reported last month, according to Google, Facebook is racking up 1 trillion page views a month. Google’s stats also state that the site actually has 870 million users. With all those page views, it’s safe to say that the site has more than 800 million users. Zuckerberg said that Facebook saw half a billion users log on to the site on Wednesday within 24 hours. That high number may be attributed to the fact that Facebook made a few changes, and users could have logged on just to see what was up.

Facebook confirmed 750 million users in July, so if the site is able to get 50 million users every two months, it’s only a matter of time (8 months if that’s a constant) before the 1 billion total is reached.

via ZDNet

How to use Facebook’s new Timeline profile to see who has unfriended you

There was probably a time when the number of Facebook friends you had was reasonably small, like 40 or 50. Over the social networking site’s six-year-long life span most of us have added a great deal more friends and few people know their exact number of Facebookers we’ve connected with. In the days when we knew our friend number, it was not only easy to tell if someone unfriended us, but also who that person was.

Nowadays you’ll most likely never realize if someone unfriends you; and if you do, it’s unlikely that you’ll figure out who it was. However the new Facebook Timeline, which is designed to act as a scrapbook of your life, is capable of unveiling the people who have unfriended you.

As we mentioned earlier, the Timeline is only available for developers right now, but we did show you step-by-step how to set up a developers account and enable Timeline. For those of you who did that, you can follow the steps below to see who has unfriended you over the years.

Continue reading

Updates improve Facebook and Twitter connections

Twitter page, GettyBoth Twitter and Facebook have made it easier to send messages to each others’ network

Facebook members will soon be able to pipe their profile directly to a connected Twitter account.

The social networking giant said it was working on the feature in a document sent to developers about upcoming changes.

Before now linking to Twitter was only possible from Facebook pages which are meant for bands, public figures and businesses.

Facebook said linking was coming “soon” but gave no specific date.

The mention of the forthcoming connection to Twitter came as Facebook unveiled its “subscription” system which works in a similar fashion to Twitter’s “follower” feature. Continue reading

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