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Chrome 14 contains many security fixes

SOFTWARE DEVELOPER Google has released its Chrome 14 web browser that fixes a number of security vulnerabilities and adds support for sandboxed Native Client applications.

As far as security patches go, the Chrome 14.0.835.163 stable version has a whooping 32 of them, with 15 being considered highly important. However, despite the large number of flaws addressed, Google’s security bounty for this release totaled only $14,337, about $450 per bug.

That’s because seven vulnerabilities were rated as low and many others were discovered by members of the Google Chrome Security Team or the Chromium development community. These flaws are not rewarded through the Chromium Security Rewards program.

Regular Chrome security contributor Sergey Glazunov, the best paid researcher through Google’s bug bounty porgram so far, was credited with finding only one vulnerability in this release, but he earned a special $2,337 reward for it. Continue reading


Google Chrome 14 goes stable, Native Client apps including ScummVM hit the Web Store

Google Chrome’s short release cycle mean there aren’t always big changes to report from one version to the next. With the arrival of Chrome 14, however, there’s one major addition that could make a very big difference in the kinds of apps you see in the Chrome Web Store. Native Client has finally gone stable.

If you’re not familiar with it, Native Client (or NaCl) allows Google Chrome to execute native application code inside the browser. Native code run via NaCl has the potential to offer serious performance gains over what Chrome can typically run — apps created with pure web code like HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. To give you an idea what Native Client is capable of, one of Google’s earliest demos was a Quake port running inside Chrome. Continue reading

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