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Final Rage gameplay video released to whet your appetite

id Software and Zenimax have today released the 6th and final gameplay preview video for Rage. This one is called Jackal Canyon: Recover the Decrypter and you can watch it below.

What this final trailer shows off more than anything is the sheer scale the game is played on. A corridor run-and-gun this certainly is not. You travel great distances at high speed in vehicles and then carry out gun fights across large canyons and up multiple-story buildings, all without a load screen in sight. 90% of the enemy fights in this trailer happen at distance, with you having to figure out where many of the enemies shooting at you are hiding before taking them out with a sniper rifle or rocket weapon of some sort.

While I am hoping for some classic close-quarters action too, something the previous gameplay videos have alluded too, I like this departure from the id norm and the embracing of scale because Carmack’s engine has allowed it to happen.

The size of the areas you are traveling around, coupled with the quality of the visuals, make it clear why Rage is shipping on 3 discs and needs such a big hard drive install. I also think we’re in for a long game in terms of playthrough time as Tim Willits has stated you don’t need to revisit areas on those second and third discs.

If this Jackal Canyon video is just part of one mission, you can see how this game has the potential to be huge.

Check out the video below as a reminder why you put that pre-order down for this game. Ragesees a release on October 7.

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