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PS Vita launches December 17 in Japan, battery life and data plan pricing revealed

Sony has used the Tokyo Game Show 2011 (TGS) to reveal the final release date for the PS Vita in Japan. If you live in Sony’s home territory you can expect to pick one up on December 17. That’s if you can brave the expected queues and midnight launch, of course.

The price of the hardware has been set at around $390 for the 3G version and $325 for the WiFi-only model. Don’t expect those prices to be as high when the Vita launches in the U.S. though, I’d guess at $300/$350 if I was pushed for a prediction. Unfortunately, the only time frame we have for a U.S. and European launch is early 2012.

The cost of the Vita doesn’t end after that initial purchase if you choose the 3G option, and Sony has teamed up with network operator NTT DoCoMo to provide a 3G service. It seems this service will be offered in the form of  “prepaid data plans.” Continue reading

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